Reiki Sessions

A reiki session lasts about an hour and is done lying on a massage table, fully clothed.It is a deeply relaxing experience which, cleanses, clears and balances the human energy system.

Cost-£30 per session


             Acupressure Sessions

An acupressure massage lasts about an hour and is done on a futon on the clothed body.The massage involves stretching and relaxing the muscles and then applying pressure to various points on meridians of the body.         

                  Cost-£30 per session

             On-site Acupressure


On -site acupressure is done on a specially designed chair which is extremely comfortable. It is suitable for individuals, events, groups and workplace.I have recently delivered on-site sessions to Flourish Women's Recovery Group in Kirkintilloch and Wildside Adventures, community woodland group in Kilsyth.

          Cost £10-15mins   £15-30mins