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Reiki is a holistic therapy and works on the mind,body and spirit of a person, helping to heal and balance.


Reiki can help with stress, anxiety, grief, depression and can accelerate physical healing.It can also help with pain relief. 


Reiki is a deeply relaxing experience and is done on the clothed body.



Acupressure works on the meridians of the body and is done on the clothed body.

It is a dynamic form of massage done on a futon and involves stretching, palming, and thumb pressure is used on specific points.

 This helps restore the flow of energy through the body and is deeply relaxing.


 ''Dear Sandra, I cannot thank you enough for the Reiki session with you.  I fell last Xmas and ended up in Monklands Hospital with a broken Knee cap, since then I have had 2 operations and been attending the hospital. I came to yourself Sunday last (Nov.) for a Reiki session, what can I possibly say am still wallowing in the rays of Reiki and so looking forward to my next treatment with you Sandra Borland. You really don't realize just how jangled/blocked your whole system becomes when you neglect to pamper. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I am beginning to walk more smoothly, no longer having a jolt in my step.''

Margo Pollack.

       Located in Kilsyth Town Centre