The Varied and Versatile ways of using Reiki

It never ceases to amaze me how versatile and how portable Reiki is. There are so many situations you can use it for, easily and quickly. One of my favourites is bumps and stubbs.

How many times do I get up early in the morning and manage to stub my toe as I’m not quite awake? Well, no problem, after a good yell to let the worst of the pain out, I just put my hand straight on the toe and start giving it Reiki. Most of the time I leave my hand there till the pain goes and the toe heals incredibly quickly. It’s the same with children when they bump their elbows or knees, just go right on with the Reiki and the pain will subside much more quickly. You will also find that it prevents bruising in a lot of cases or the bruising is a lot less than it would have been without the Reiki.​ Menstrual pain and cramp is another great one. While you’re sitting watching T.V. you can put your hands on your belly and give yourself Reiki, which helps with the pain and is incredibly soothing.​If you are trained in level 2 Reiki you will learn how to send distant Reiki and will learn a specific symbol to use for this.


This is really useful to send into the future for stressful events like an exam, going to the dentist, a driving test.​The other level 2 symbols can be used for clearing energy in a room. If someone has been ill the energy in their room can seem very heavy and negative. It is really easy to go around the room drawing the symbols in the air and along with strong intention; you can cleanse the vibration of energy.​

On a bus or a train? You can sit with your hands on your knees and administer Reiki and no one will know.If you’re going to have a difficult conversation with someone like your boss or perhaps an x-partner, you can use a bit of self Reiki to give yourself an added boost of confidence and courage before you go. I have tried this a few times and it really does work.​Food and Drinks-Use Reiki to energise your food and drink and increase the life force energy and also to purify it of any negative vibration connected to the food processing chain.​

Also plants, if your plants are poorly, just hover your hands over them and administer Reiki ,you can pull your hands away gradually till you feel their aura and work here,or give it to the pot.Plants really enjoy the love and it increases the life force. Energise seeds before you plant them. Hold them in your hand and give them Reiki and use your intent that they will bear fruit.​

As you can see, Reiki is such an incredible healing tool and one that I can’t imagine living without.

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